Friday, December 18, 2009

Top 10 DIY Posters of the Decade

Since people @ the blogs Like Anna Karina's Sweater , The Auteurs, and even Roger Ebert are picking their choices for best movie posters of the decade, we figured we would painstakingly take a couple days to choose my top 10 DIY posters of the decade - from films that were DIY and had ultra-low to no budget. These are in no particular order at all, some of these films we have seen, and some we haven't, and we chose them based on different criteria. There was no "rule" to it (besides design and effectiveness), we just selected 10 favorites. Feel free to leave your comments as to which ones you think we forgot about (for films with budgets less than 100k - in most of these cases, wayyy less).

Comments: These guys rule. Highly inventive, intricate design. Nice people too.

Hero the Great
(Year unknown)
Comments: Its hard for us to comprehend that this brilliant design, easily a favorite, was for a short film. The creators went all out on this one.

Five Across the Eyes
Comments: The distributors of this film had the nerve to reach out randomly and compliment us for one of our poster designs, while we were busy being in awe of theirs.

The Pleasure of Being Robbed
Comments: We've seen 3 versions of the poster for this film. This one is easily our favorite.

The Last International Playboy
Comments: Completely ballsy. We would have loved it if they defiantly made this their official poster.

Mutual Appreciation
Comments: Loved this thematically comprehensive, somewhat suggestive image so much, we shot an insert of it in our first feature film Cookies & Cream.

Comments: It was a temp design, but it still gets us everytime.

Comments: Hilarious, Scenes From a Marriage homage.
Comments: Here it is, in all its B-movie styled glory.

Comments: We chose this one because it's impossible not to look at more than once.

Honorable Mention:

Comments: There is no way we could forget this highly stylized, densely illustrated, gem of a design.

(By the way, for quality, affordable artwork to fit your film's needs, drop by HERE.)

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ClarkD said...

You missed one! This is one of the best of the last 20 years.
Ink the movie